If a luminaire loses it's power either intentionally or unintentionally, the luminaire will return to the "Default" mode by default when power is regain.

If you would like the luminaire to return the the previous state it was before losing power, then you'd need to change a setting called "Startup state for power on".

Note: Please see bottom of the page on how to apply this setting for all of the units in a network.

How to change "Startup state for power on" for a unit:

1. This option can be found under a luminaire's settings when a unit is double tapped in the 'Luminaires' view.

2. Scroll down on to the "Startup state for power on", and tap on the row where it says 'Default mode'.

3. Select "Last state" as the mode, and tap 'Back' to exit the view.

4. You've now set this luminaire to return to the last state when it gets powered OFF and back ON again.




If you'd like to change this setting for all of the luminaires in your network, please follow the instructions below.

1. First navigate to "Network setup" under the 'More' tab.

2. Tap on the "Configure all luminaires" row.

3. Select the "Startup -> last state" option. Tap on 'Back' to return.

4. You've now succsesfully changed the "Startup state for power on" to all of the units in your Network.