There are two places in the app where you can unpair a Casambi enabled device from a network.

1. Go to the ‘Luminaires’ tab and tap ‘edit’. Unpair a luminaire by tapping the ("X") that will appear in the corner of the relevant luminaire icon. You can also double-tap a luminaire icon to open the "luminaire properties" screen, and then scroll down and tap ‘Unpair device’.

2. Go to the "Nearby devices" screen found under the ‘More’ tab. Tap on the device you wish to unpair and select ‘Unpair device’. This will unpair the luminaire if you have modification (administrator) rights to the network. 

If you don’t have the modification rights to the network that the device is paired to then you need to have access to the devices power switch to be able to unpair. Tap on the device you wish to unpair and select ‘Unpair device’ and the app will open the 'Unpair’ screen. Tap on the ‘Start’ button and an orange "Time bar" will appear and start to move across the screen. During the time it takes the bar to move across the screen, flick the power switch off and back on again. This should unpair the device. If unpairing succeeds then there is a message that luminaire has been unpaired. If it does not succeed then try again but switch the power off and on again more slowly (This may be needed for devices that use an additional power supply; such as a CBU-PWM4). If unpairing continues to be unsuccessful then it is probably the case that the power switch is not correct for the device you are trying to unpair.

Please see the "Flick unpair" video in attachments section for more help with unpairing via power switch.