If an installation requires that some timers operate at a higher priority in the Control Hierarchy, then you can enable the 'Override presence' option. See the Appendix for an explanation of the Control Hierarchy.

It is also possible to Enable/Disable a timer by using the 'Enabled' button. Confirm your settings by selecting 'Done'. After saving a timer it is possible to copy that timer. Open the timer again and select 'Save as copy' from the bottom of the timer screen.


Casambi units will keep track of time when even one unit in the network is powered on all the time. In a situation where all units have been powered off, the network time needs to be set to the units again. In this situation please open the network in the Casambi app with modification rights to set the time again.


A timer’s state can also be reactivated by selecting 'Edit' and then selecting the refresh button in the top left corner of the Timers screen.