When you first take your luminaires into use the Casambi app will automatically create a network and add the luminaires to that network.       

By default the network is Not Shared which means that its configuration is only stored on the device used to created it. This means that only that device can control the luminaires. Please see the Sharing Settings section if you want to use multiple devices to control the same Casambi network.


To change the network settings select the More page and the select Network Setup.


Within the Setup screen select Network Settings. There you can change the network name, set the time zone and the network’s location. The location needs to be set if you wish to create timers using local sunrise or sunset as a trigger.


You can also select if you would like the nearby luminaires icon to be visible in the app. This selection will hide the Nearby Luminaires icon for all users in this network.


The network mode and network frequencies can only be configured when creating a network for the first time; it can not be changed after a network has been taken into use. The default mode for the network is Balanced and that should normal be used for most networks. If your network contains a very large amount of luminaires (100+) and they are placed physically close to each other, then the Better Performance option can be used. See Change networks section for instructions how to create a new network.


Network frequencies are always chosen in pairs. The first frequency is used as the primary frequency and the second frequency is then used if the mesh network detects interference on the primary frequency.


Once your network set-up is complete, select 'Save' to finish.


Tip: it is possible to have several networks in one mobile device. All created and visited networks will be listed in Networks screen.