One feature of many Casambi devices is that the same physical hardware can be configured over-the-air to provide different functionality depending on what it has been connected to. For example, a CBU-PWM4 can control up to 4 separate channels of LED strip ("1ch dim", "2ch dim", "RGB", "TW" etc.).

Generally, devices sourced directly from Casambi or our Ecosystem product partners should have the correct profiles preconfigured. If needed, standard profiles can be changed using the Casambi app. 

To change a device's profile:

  1. Unpair the device from your network.
  2. Select the device from the 'Nearby Devices' list.
  3. Choose the 'Change profileoption (if available).
  4. Select the correct profile from the list.
  5. Once the profile has been changed, add the device to your network.

Note: If there is no option to 'Change profile' when tapping on the unpaired unit, this means that the manufacturer of the Casambi ready device has determined that the profile cannot be changed. If you believe a profile change should be possible, or if the desired profile is not listed, please contact the Casambi Partner/Value Added Reseller who supplied the Casambi unit.

Example of some profiles available for the CBU-PWM4: