Casambi has received ioXt cybersecurity certification for its system.

Considered the global standard for IoT security, ioXt is an alliance and cybersecurity certification program backed by some of the biggest names in tech.  Casambi’s wireless lighting control system has tested positively against the alliance’s eight guiding principles: 

No Universal Passwords – Unique security credentials are required for operation. 

Secured Interfaces – Product interfaces are appropriately secured.

Proven Cryptography – System security uses strong, proven, updateable cryptography. 

Security by Default – System security is appropriately enabled by default.

Verified Software – The system only supports signed software updates.

Automatic Security Updates – Established strategy for applying timely security updates. 

Vulnerability reporting program – Actions encouraging the responsible reporting of suspected vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the system.

Security Expiration Date – Transparency on end-of-life policies and the provision of security updates.

Full details can be found at the link below: