Sometimes the maximum and minimum values that you would like to dim your luminaires is not the full dimming range available by the hardware. 

You can change the high-end trim to lower the maximum level that the light will be allowed to go to, all the way down to 1%, if needed. For most hardware, the default high-end trim is set as 100%.

The low-end trim can be adjusted so that the lowest level the luminaire will go to before turning off. This is useful if the luminaire is flickering when dimmed past a certain percentage. 

The high and low end trims can be changed in the luminaire settings. To get to the luminaire settings, simply double-tap on the luminaire icon and scrolling down. 

You can lower the high and low-end trim by using the slider or tapping the % value and entering using your keyboard. The same is true for the high-end trim. 

Note: Depending on your location, this setting may be referred to as "Maximum/Minimum Dim Level"