Using the gallery tab, it is possible to upload a Floor Plan to control the space. 

Individual luminaires can be positioned on the Floor Plan for added control.

1. First,find a Floor Plan of the space and upload to a device that is using the Casambi app with the network logged in. 

2. Head to the gallery tab, press 'Edit' then '+' and then 'Upload Photo from Device' and select the Floor Plan.

Below is an example of a Floor Plan with no luminaires added.  

3. Once you have a floor plan added to the gallery view, again press '+' to add lights to the Floor Plan view. 

Users will select, position and resize the circular overlay of the light once added.

After all lights have been added to the Floor Plan, press 'Done' to save the configuration of the luminaires. 

4. To later change the luminaire orientation, size and add or remove luminaires, simply press 'Edit'

   -Tap a luminaire to re-position or resize the icon.

   -Press '+' to add additional luminaires to the Floor Plan

   -Press the trash can to remove a selected luminaire. 

To change the settings of how these luminaires are controlled, please head to the Settings/More tab or the application.

Now, the Floor Plan will display the brightness, color and temperature of the individual lights on the Floor Plan as shown below. Similar to the luminaires tab, users can quickly control any lights from the Floor plan view. If a luminaire is controlled from a physical switch, the status of the luminaire will change in the Floor Plan view as well. 

Additionally, any luminaires or scenes that are associated with the luminaires in the Floor Plan can be activated or controlled from this view, by tapping or swiping in the luminaires or scene icons below the Floor Plan. 

Additionally, you can hold any luminaires on the floor plan or the grouped luminaires below the layout to show all available control segments of the luminaires and groups. (shown below)

You are able to upload multiple Floor Plan or photos or the same space, for added flexibility and configuration as desired.