Possible icon banners that may appear over the luminaire icon in the Luminaires tab:



Updating xx%

Firmware update progress percentage

Update required

Newer firmware version is available

Configuration failure

Hardware configuration error, IO failure, Incompatible hardware, Missing driver

Driver failure

DALI specific driver failure

Luminaire overheated

Device has exceeded its thermal specification

Luminaire failure

Device profile is not correct for the connected load (e.g. a PWM4 set to 4 channel mode but only having 3 channels of LED strip physically connected)

Short circuit

Short circuit detected


Device is overloaded. May also be caused by excessive inrush current

Open circuit

Device has detected that no load is connected

Upgrade ready

Firmware ready to be upgraded from Classic to Evolution

Example icons: 

Possible icon banners that may appear over the device icon in the nearby devices view:



Address match

Indicates a device previously “paired” to a network that may have been unpaired incorrectly. This banner can appear when using the “Replace device” option.


Devices without a correct master-key. Do not use for real installations


Verification failed during device authentication. Reasons could be due to:

  • App cannot find the public key for the device
  • Mismatch in device date versus App expectation

Example icon: