Casambi Xpress is a wireless user interface that brings flexibility to interior design. The switch can be kept wherever the user needs and it gives direct access to all the important Casambi lighting control functionalities.

  1. Press any two buttons on the Xpress and Casambi app will automatically detect it. Tap on the ‘Add to ‘My Network’’ or ‘Take into use’ If Casambi app does not find the Xpress automatically, please see the unpair section below.
  2. After you have added the Xpress to the network go to ‘More’ tab and tap on the Switches to configure the buttons.
  3. Tap on the switch and the configuration page opens. You can assign a scene, a group, a luminaire, all luminaires or an element to each of the buttons. Some options might not be available for all luminaires. 

On the bottom of the page you can see the configuration options and battery state for the switch.

After configuring the buttons they will now control the assigned scene, luminaire, group or element. By pressing the + or - buttons you can dim up or down the controlled scene, luminaire or group.

When pressing + and - simultaneously for 1 second you can turn off all luminaires in the network.

If you can’t see Xpress under Switches and Casambi app does not find it as a new device when pressing a button, it might be that the Xpress is already in some network. Please see Unpairing Xpress section for instructions.