Casambi modules can act as an iBeacon senders. We want to be a technology enabler for our customers who wish to use Casambi modules as iBeacon transmitters. The functionality requires a customer app to use them as desired.

Please follow these steps to enable iBeacon sending for Casambi units:

1. Enable iBeacon interface. Go to More -> App Settings -> Send Feedback. Write #beacon to the message field and tap on "Send"

2. Enable and configure iBeacon for the network. Go to More -> Network Setup -> iBeacon. 

In this screen you can change the network default settings for iBeacon. For example Major code and the distance could be set here, so that it is automatically same for all modules in the network. It is also possible to enable/disable iBeacon for all units in the network.

3. Enable and configure iBeacon for single Casambi module. Go to Luminaires and double tap the desired unit. Scroll down and tap on iBeacon. On the iBeacon screen enable iBeacon for the unit. 

In this screen it is also possible to change the network default values for the iBeacon. You can set Major and Minor codes as well as the distance. Distance defines the maximum area that the iBeacon signals can be received with a mobile device. This selection affects the iBeacon signal strength. 

The Measured Power can be Calibrated for iOS devices. iOS devices use this value to determine if the iBeacon device is close, near or far. To calibrate the power take the mobile device 1 meter away from the Casambi module that is sending the iBeacon signals. Start the calibration by tapping "Calibrate measured power" and then select "Start". If there is a pop-up about location services tap Allow. Wait until the progress bar is finished. You should see the measured power change according to the selected Distance. 

After all the settings are correct save them by tapping "Done" Now the configured Casambi unit is transmitting iBeacon signals.

If the calibration does not work it might be that location services are not allowed for Casambi. Please go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services with your iOS device. Make sure that Casambi app has the right to use Location services and then try the calibration again. The measured power should change if the Distance setting is changed.