NOTE: Only devices which display as Classic or Evolution within the NEARBY DEVICES list can be updated to Evolution and used within an Evolution network. For specific Casambi products which can be updated to 'Evolution' firmware grade here:



If you have an existing network with Casambi devices that have a 'Classic' firmware grade, you are able to upgrade the whole network to an 'Evolution' network. This requires the 'Classic' units first to be uprgaded to the 'Evolution' firmware grade, which then allows the 'Evolution' network features to be taken into use in the Casambi app.

NOTE: Please also ensure that the radio settings for your new Evolution network are kept the same, when you're upgrading your network. For example if you previously had "Balanced" radio mode in your 'Classic' network, you should also use 'Balanced' in the new Evolution network.

Here is our step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade a Classic network to Evolution:

1. Navigate to "Network setup" under the 'More' tab.

2. Select the top most option "Upgrade to Evolution firmware".

3. A new "Network upgrade" window will open, where you will have the option to 'Start' or to go 'Back'.

4. Tapping on 'Start' will start the updating process, and prompt the user with "Updating network firmware" notification with the updating progress on the first unit.

5. If there are more than one unit in the network that needs a firmware grade update to 'Evolution', then there will be a "Waiting for devices 1/x..." notification until all of the units have been upgraded.

At this point it is still possible to "Cancel the upgrade" or use the Casambi App by tapping on 'Back' at the top left corner. One can also see the progress on other Casambi units in the 'Luminaires' tab, where the completion percentage is shown on top of the unit icon.

6. After the firmware of all the units in the network has been upgraded to 'Evolution', navigate back to "Upgrade to Evolution firmware" screen show in in step 2. The notification "Update ready" means that all the units have been upgraded to 'Evolution' firmware grade, and the network is ready to be updated to an 'Evolution' network.

Tap on the 'Continue' at the top right corner of the screen, to continue with the network updating. Casambi app will open a pop-up warning that once the network is updated to 'Evolution', it can't be rolled back to 'Classic' without having to create a new network.

Tap on 'OK' to continue.

7. Casambi app will then unpair all units from the old 'Classic' network, and re-pair the units to the new 'Evolution' network. It is good to also physically move around at the site so that the Casambi app can find all of the units in the Network.

8. After the unpairing/re-pairing process is finished, "Upgrade complete" message is displayed.

9. Final step of the process is to add needed information for the new Evolution network. Tap on Done and write the needed information for the new Evolution network. All the settings from old network will be automatically copied to the new Evolution network