If you've manually controlled a luminaire either via Casmabi app, a wall switch or by any other type of switch, and you'd like the lumianire(s) to return to their automated state (Timer/Sensor), you have to "Resume automation" for the luminaire(s). Resuming automation is a way of "removing manual control".

Note: In order to use "Resume automation", "Control hierarchy" needs to be enabled under 'Control options'. 

If there are no underlying Sensors or Timers to take control of the luminaire(s) after resuming automation, then the luminaire(s) will turn off.

There's a few ways to "Resume automation":

1. Tap on the small "(a)" button found in the bottom left corner in the 'Luminaires' tab.

2. Have a wall switch or a Casambi enabled switch assigned to "Resume automation" (button 4 in the screenshot) or "Resume automation (group)".

3. Wait our the "Manual control timeout" time set under the "Control options, if the "Manual control behaviour" has been set to anything other than 'Don't timeout'.