Evolution Firmware grade (v30) and Casambi app support a new 'Emergency' action for smart-switching.

It is required that a dedicated Casambi unit is selected for enabling/disabling the emergency scene. Additionally, power switching of such emergency-controller module should not affect mains input of any devices that are to be put into emergency mode.

- The action is configured in the unit's 'Smart Switch' settings.

- Despite being a smart-switching action, activation of the Emergency scene is performed whenever the selected emergency-controller device is powered on;  it forces application of the selected scene on all target devices with the highest priority.

  • When emergency is active, the alert indicator "⚠️" is shown on the top right icon corner of the affected luminaires (please see the screenshots below).
  • During emergency, devices cannot be controlled in any way.

- The emergency controller device has to be powered off to deactivate the emergency scene from other devices.

  •  When the emergency mode is exited on a device,  the actual (pending in the background) state of the light control becomes effective according to the control stack priorities - any running animations, active scenes or manually set levels are realized and continue.