To delete a network go to ‘My networks’ view found under the ‘More’ tab after selecting ‘Change Network’. 

If you are using Casambi app for iOS then "swipe" left on the network name and then you can select the 'Delete' option. If you are using Casambi app for Android then "Long press" on top of the network name that you want to delete and the 'Delete' button will appear.

Please note that if you have modification rights to the network the network will be also deleted from our cloud server and it cannot be used any more with any other devices. If you don't want to totally delete the network you need to instead logout from the network using the 'Forget' option.

To do this, you need to again "Swipe" (iOS) or "Long press" (Android) on your network in the "My networks" list, and select 'Forget', and this will log one out of the network and forget any login credentials used with the network.