The Gallery in the Casambi app is an intuitive way of controlling your luminaires. Place luminaire control icons (circles from which you can control a luminaire) in a picture to enable simple visual control of the luminaires in the image.

To add a picture, select the black and white image (for adding the first picture only) or select Edit and then +. Then choose if you want to Take photo or Choose existing picture from your device’s gallery. After you have taken a photo or selected a photograph it is added to the Casambi Gallery.

Next, add luminaire control icons to the picture by tapping the + sign to open the selection screen containing your luminaires.

Select a luminaire that is in the picture and confirm your selection using Done. If the required luminaire is in a group, first double tap the group and you can then select the required luminaire.

A luminaire control circle will then be shown in the centre of the picture. Drag the control circle to where you wish it to be in the picture (this is usually over the actual luminaire to be controlled, or over whatever the luminaire is highlighting). You can resize the circle by using a two-finger pinching action.

To add more luminaire controls to the picture tap on the + sign and select another luminaire.

You can rename the picture by selecting the picture and tapping the picture title at the top of the screen. The text can then be edited.

When you have added all desired luminaire controls to the picture, select Done. Note: Any scenes or groups associated with luminaires in the picture will be displayed under the picture.

To return to the Gallery and add more photographs, select Close.

Tip: Use a panorama picture to capture more luminaires in one photo. Alternatively, use a graphical floor plan and add luminaire control icons based on luminaire location.