Using a gateway, it is possible to control Casambi-enabled luminaires remotely. A network administrator can also remotely configure the network.

To enable remote access, a Casambi network needs to have one iOS or Android device acting as a gateway and the sharing settings for the network need to be Open, Password protected or Administrator only.

To set up the gateway device select Gateway in the Network Setup screen. If the Gateway option is grey and cannot be selected, make sure the sharing setting is not set to Not shared.

Select the Gateway button to enable the gateway on the device. If you have added an email address for the network you can also enable notifications to that email address if the gateway is disconnected for some reason.

Note: The Casambi gateway feature relies on third-party devices and connections. Because of this, a continuous and flawless operation cannot be guaranteed.

After enabling the gateway please make sure that:

  1. The Casambi app is always open on the gateway device. The app can be in the background when using iOS devices, but the app must be active and at the foreground when using Android devices.
  2. The gateway device has a reliable Internet connection at all times.
  3. The gateway device has a reliable Bluetooth connection to at least one Casambi device in the network.
  4. Disable all automatic updates on gateway device.
  5. The gateway device is always plugged in to a power source.
  6. Disable all power-saving options from the device that might cause the Bluetooth or Internet connection to close.