When you are logged in to a site you have the possibilities to control luminaires in any site network, and also set up site level scenes and site level timers.

Controlling a network

From the Networks tab (bottom left of the screen) it is possible to control an entire network in the same way as an individual luminaire, using the same gestures. When tapping the network, all the luminaires inside the network will switch on or off. It is also possible to dim the whole network with swiping left or right, and colour temperature (if supported) can be changed by swiping up and down. 

Double tapping a network will open it and from within that view it is then possible to control the individual luminaires in the network.

Site Scenes

In the Scenes tab it is possible to create site-level scenes and animations. Site-level scenes can include luminaires from different networks. A whole network can be added to a scene. Individual luminaires can be selected by opening a network by double tapping on the network icon. Creating and editing site-level scenes is done in the same way as network-level scenes.

Site Timers

It is possible to create site-level timers that control site-level scenes. Site-level timers can be configured in the Sites > More > Timers page. Site-level timers are configured in the same way as network-level timers.