The Casambi app has the capability to send a diagnostic report of your network so we can try and help troubleshoot an issue.

For this feature to be of use you must:

  1. Physically be within Bluetooth communication range of some devices in the problem network
  2. You must have an internet connection


  • In the Casambi app, go to: App Settings, Send Feedback
  • Enter your email address where we can contact you
    • This may be pre-filled if you are the network administrator
  • Ensure Include diagnostics is enabled (Include device details should be disabled unless Casambi have specifically asked you to enable it)
  • In the Message field, tell us:
    • Name of the network
    • Describe the issue you are experiencing as clearly as possible
  • Press 'Send'

Depending on the system size, the system may take a few minutes to upload the diagnostics file.

Sending diagnostics assists our technical support specialists in diagnosing: 

  • Devices online/offline
  • Devices with low/dead batteries
  • Potentially faulty devices
  • Signal strength issues within your network
  • Potential programming errors