The below constraints apply when creating networks using the original Casambi app.

To allow for possible future network expansion, Casambi never recommend designing networks to work at the maximum limits. 

For networks using multiple lux sensors it is particularly important to implement network of a reduced size due to the significant data requirements of such networks that will affect the available bandwidth and therefore reduce network performance.

Note: App version and device firmware must be the latest release versions


GeneralNodes in a "Classic" networkup to 127 *Classic is only in "maintenance". Use Evolution for new networks wherever possible
Nodes in an "Evolution" networkup to 250 *The higher the network data traffic requirements, the smaller the networks must be
Number of separate access emails/passwords
Only for Evolution networks. Any combination of Admin, Manager or User
Simultaneous Users accessing a network

Luminaires tabGroups in one network255
Devices (nodes) per group250

Gallery tabGallery image file size< 4MBRecommended. Image is downscaled if larger

Scenes tabScenes per network255Includes "Site" scenes affecting the same Network
Steps used per animation scene80Steps include Scenes and Wait times
Conditions used in a Time based scene50If only one scene per condition is triggered

TimersAmount of scenes activated by one timer50Triggered scenes must contain mutually exclusive luminaires (i.e. different luminaires)
Timers configurable per network255Includes "Site" timers affecting the same Network

SwitchesAmount of scenes in Cycle scenes option255
EnOcean switches per network249
EnOcean sensors per network249

SensorsPresence sensors controlling the same luminaires30 (10)Figure in brackets is for Classic networks
Amount of scenes triggered by one presence sensor2Triggered scenes must contain mutually exclusive luminaires (i.e. different luminaires)
Lux value used if multiple lux sensors affect the same luminairesAverage lux

GatewaysInternet (Cloud) Gateways enabled per network

SiteNetworks per Site< 50Recommended. A Site is intended to control networks in the same physical location (e.g. Floors in a building)
Scenes configurable per Site255Site scenes also count towards the local network scene limit
Timers configurable per Site
Site timers also count towards the local network timer limit

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