For the Casambi app to find any nearby devices your mobile device must physically be within Bluetooth range of the devices.

Some reasons why you may not see the Casambi devices in the Casambi app:

    They are not powered

    They are out of Bluetooth range of your mobile device

    Your mobile device does not have Bluetooth switched ON

    The Casambi app has does not have “Bluetooth luminaire enabled” (this can be found in the “More” tab, “App settings”)

    The devices are already paired to another network and have also been “hidden”

•    The luminaires do not have any Casambi devices fitted

    The Bluetooth radio signal from the devices is being limited by its surroundings (In some situations the range of a Bluetooth signal can be dramatically reduced if a device is installed in a metal enclosure, or if thick stone walls or other possible constructional restrictions are affecting the signal strength coming from the device)

If you have a Philips Hue gateway please make sure your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi and you have set the "Philips Hue enabled" option ON in the Casambi app "App settings".

Only unpaired devices can be added to a new network.