When the Casambi app finds new luminaires it automatically opens a screen where the luminaires can be taken into use. Just tap on the “Take all lamps into use” button. After taking all luminaires into use it is possible to easily control them from the Casambi app "Luminaires" tab. When taking luminaires into use via the "Take all lamps into use" function, Casambi app will automatically create a network for the luminaires.

Alternatively, if you've already created a network but haven't added any luminaires, you can navigate to the "Nearby devices" in the Casambi app. There you will find a list of all the luminaires that are powered on, and in the Bluetooth range of your mobile device. You may then select the luminaires individually by tapping on them, and using the "Add to.." button, and add them to a network of your liking.