If your Casambi-enabled luminaire is equipped with a push button, you can select the configuration for the push button in the Casambi app. You can use it to dim the luminaire or control several luminaires with one push button. It is possible to assign different modes to each Casambi-enabled luminaire’s push button. For example, you can use the Push button to switch on several luminaires, when you come home or to change the lighting to be suitable for a dinner party or for watching a movie.


Navigate to the Luminaire tab and double tap the luminaire control for which you want to change the push button configuration. You can also find the same options to configure the push button in the More > Switches section.


Tap on the current mode under Push buttons to open the Push buttons selection. The default mode is Controls a luminaire.


The available Push buttons modes will depend on the capabilities of the luminaires in your network. Available modes are:


  • Not in use 
  • Controls a luminaire
  • Controls an element
    • Elements are custom sliders or buttons that have been created by our partners to control aspects of their specific products
  • Controls a group
  • Controls scene
  • Controls all luminaires
  • Control function (Limits the button to perform a specific action)
    • The Control function option for push button switches works for single Casambi nodes having 2 or more buttons. The Control function can be assigned to affect the last selected option triggered from one of the other buttons on the same switch panel.


Example (4 button panel): Switch 1: Controls Scene 1, Switch 2: Controls scene 2, Switch 3: Controls scene 3, Switch 4: Controls function: When Switch 1 is pushed and activates scene 1, button 4 (Control function) will then affect Scene 1. If Switch 2 or 3 are pushed the Control function will affect that selected scene instead.


The Control function option cannot be used to affect anything triggered by a different node (i.e. triggered from another switch panel). i.e. A Control function button on one panel cannot affect a scene selected by a different panel.

  • Adjust the temperature of a luminaire
  • Adjust the temperature of a group
  • Adjust the temperature of all the luminaires
  • Cycle scenes
  • Active/Standby (Controls one or multiple luminaires)
  • Presence
  • Presence/Absence
  • Absence
  • Resume automation (group)
  • Resume automation
  • Cycle through modes
    • Up to 3 Modes are configured in the individual luminaire Properties.