If you use a push-button to control your luminaire(s), you can select the configuration for the push button in the Casambi app. You can use it to dim the luminaire or control several luminaires with one push button. It is possible to assign different modes to each Casambi enabled luminaire’s push button.

For example, you can use the Push-button to switch on several luminaires when you come home or switch the lighting to be suitable for a dinner party or watching a movie.

Navigate to the 'Luminaires' page and double tap the lamp control in which want to change the push-button configuration.

Under ‘Push Button’ tap the current mode to open the Push button selection.

The Push Button modes are:

  • Not in use 
  • Controls a luminaire
  • Controls an element
  • Controls a group
  • Control scene
  • Controls all luminaires
  • Adjust the temperature of a luminaire
  • Adjust the temperature of a group
  • Adjust the temperature of all the luminaires
  • Cycle scenes
  • Active/Standby - controls one or multiple luminaires
  • Presence
  • Presence/Absence
  • Absence
  • Resume automation (group)
  • Resume automation