Under 'More' tab you can find Timer, Switches, Network setup, Nearby Devices, Change Network, App Settings and FAQ. 

  • Under Timer you can create timers to control your lamps
  • In Switches screen you can change the settings for Xpress and other Casambi enabled switches.
  • In ‘Nearby devices’ screen you can see all the casambi enabled lamps and HUE gateways that are found. 
  • Under ‘Network setup’ you can change the name and sharing settings of your network and add a gateway for the Casambi network.
  • Under Change network you can find the ‘Networks’ screen. In this screen it is possible to select which network you want to view. 
  • In ‘App settings’ it is possible to change app theme and select if you want to enable both Casambi and HUE lamps. You can also hide question marks, send feedback to Casambi and reset the app to default settings.
  • Under ‘Help’ you can find FAQ (frequently asked questions).