To pair an Xpress switch, press any two buttons on the Xpress switch to enable pairing mode.

The Casambi app will automatically detect it if you have not disabled the Notify unpaired devices option in the App settings. If you have an existing network, the Casambi app will suggest to add Xpress to that network. Tap on the Add to My Network button. If there is no network then tap on the Take into use button.

If you have disabled the Notify unpaired devices option, activate the Xpress by pressing any two buttons and navigate to the More tab, Nearby devices and search for the Xpress. Select it and choose to add it to your network.

If an Xpress cannot be paired, please check that it is not already paired to another network, or that the firmware version matches the type of network you are trying to add it to (Evolution or Classic).

An Xpress is a Casambi wireless node, and an Evolution network can contain up to 250 nodes, so multiple Xpress switches can be part of a single Casambi network.

Please note that a Xpress switch can only control Casambi-enabled luminaires. It is not compatible with other wireless luminaires.