When first taking devices into use they need to first be added to a network. All luminaires in the same network can be easily controlled from the Luminaires tab. Other devices appear in the relevant section of the More tab. One device can only be part of one network at a time. When a device is part of a network it is in a ‘paired’ state and cannot be added to any other network unless it is first ‘unpaired’. i.e. removed from the network. All Casambi devices are normally supplied in an unpaired state.


  1. Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and allow notifications if prompted.
  2. Switch on your Casambi enabled devices and open the Casambi app.
  3. The app will search for all powered Casambi enabled devices within Bluetooth range of your mobile device. These will then be displayed in a list with the options to Take into use or Add individually to..
    • Take into use will automatically add all devices to a new network. Depending on the firmware of devices you may first be prompted to choose if the network should be a Classic or Evolution type. Only Casambi devices with the same firmware type (Classic or Evolution) can be added to the same network. See Create a network section of this user guide for more information).
    • Add individually to.. will enable each device to be identified and added to a network individually (see Add devices section of this guide for more information).
  4. When devices have been added to a network you can control and program them from the app.


By default, a new network is ‘Not Shared’, which means that its configuration is only stored on the device used to create it, and only that specific device can control the luminaires. If you reset, delete or reinstall the Casambi app, or damage or lose the mobile device, you will no longer be able to access the network. If you wish to ensure possibilities for future access to the network, Casambi recommend that you share the network. This can be done at any time after initially creating the network. Please see the Sharing Settings section of this user guide for more information. Sharing should also be done if you want to have the possibility for multiple mobile devices to control the same Casambi network. In order to be able to recover lost passwords, a valid administrator email address and password must always be used.


The Casambi app has four tabs: Luminaires, Gallery, Scenes and More. 


The app displays help text under most configurable options to provide clarification of the purpose of each setting. There is also an additional Help option in the More tab. A general help button (?) can be found in the bottom right of many screens. This can be disabled in the App settings.