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The Casambi Xpress is a wireless user interface that brings flexibility to interior design. The switch can be kept wherever the user needs it and it gives direct access to all the important Casambi lighting control functionalities.

  1. To pair an Xpress, press any two pre-set buttons on the Xpress (for example, buttons 1 and 3). and the Casambi app will automatically open a Found a new device window. You will be prompted to either Add to “….” the current network to which you are connected, or to Add individually to…. If you select Add individually too… you will be presented with a list of possible networks (if you have visited multiple networks using your mobile device), or the possibility to Create a network. Note that if you have disabled the Notify unpaired devices option in App settings, you will not see the pop up window, and will be able to see the Xpress from the list of Nearby devices in the More tab. Select the Xpress from there and choose the network to add it to.
  2. After you have added the Xpress switch to the network navigate to the More tab and select Switches to configure the four numbered buttons.
  3. Select the Xpress switch from the list of available switches and the configuration page will open. Initially, Not in use will be displayed for each button (1-4). You can then select each numbered button individually and assign it to control a luminaire, scene, group, element or all luminaires. It is also possible to assign resume automation options either for a group or the whole network. If the Control scene option is selected, you will also have the option to Disable dimming to prevent the +/- buttons from adjusting the preset scene dimmed level.
  4. When settings have been configured push Done and then Done again.
  5. The Use toggle function, when activated, will allow each Xpress button to activate/deactivate the programmed action on each button press. When deactivated, it will only allow the assigned action to be activated. 
  6. Select Long press all OFF function to allow any Xpress configurable button (1-4) to be held down for approximately 5 seconds to turn off all luminaires in the network.
  7. You can also rename the Xpress and change its icon to make identification easier. Select Back to save the settings and return to the Switches screen.

After configuring the buttons, they will now control the assigned scene, luminaire, group, element or resume automation (see Control Hierarchy).

The first press will turn on the scene, lamp or group and second press will turn it off (unless the Use toggle option has been deactivated). The + and - buttons allow you to dim your selected device(s) up or down. The up and down buttons can be used to change colour temperature (of a tunable white luminaire) or the direct/indirect lighting ratio, provided that your luminaire supports these features.

  • Simultaneously pressing the + and – buttons for about 5 seconds will turn all lights OFF in your network. This function cannot be disabled.
  • Simultaneously pressing the ˄ and ˅ buttons for about 5 seconds will Resume automation for the complete network. This function cannot be disabled.


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