You may need to remove a luminaire from a network if you want to add it to another network. Casambi enabled luminaires can only be in one network at a time. 

If Casambi app does not find Casambi enabled luminaire after powering the luminaire, it might be that it is paired to a network that the mobile device in use does not have access to. In this case the luminaire needs to be unpaired before it is possible to control the luminaire.

To unpair a luminaire go to the ‘Nearby devices’ screen found under ‘More’ tab in the Casambi app. Tap on the luminaire you want to unpair and select ‘Unpair device’. This will unpair the luminaire if you have modification rights to the network. 

If you don’t have the modification rights to the network that the luminaire is paired to then you need to have access to the luminaire’s power switch to unpair it. Tap on the ‘Unpair device’ and the app will open an 'Unpair’ screen. Tap on the ‘Start’ button and the time bar appears. Now quickly flick the power switch OFF and back ON to unpair the luminaire. If unpairing succeeded there is a message that luminaire has been unpaired.

Please see the video for more help with unpairing via power switch.