With Smart Switching feature it is possible to use ordinary wall switches as dimmers or control scenes with them.

Note: The Casambi CBU-PWM4 and CBU-DCS units do not support "Smart Switching".

The Smart Switching mode for the luminaire’s power switch can be configured in Casambi app. It is possible to assign different Smart Switching modes to each Casambi enabled luminaire.

For example you can use Smart Switching to turn on several luminaires when you come home, or switch the lighting to be suitable for dinner party or watching a movie.

Go to ‘Luminaires’ tab, and double tap the lamp control you want to assign a Smart Switching mode to.

Select the "Smart Switch" row and tap on the current mode to open the Smart Switching selection. As a default the mode is ‘Dim and Save’.

The possible Smart Switch modes are:

  • Not in use
  • Dim and save Controls one luminaire
  • Cycle through modes Controls one luminaire
  • Control scenes Controls one or multiple luminaires
  • Cycle scenes Controls one or multiple luminaires 
  • Active / Standby Controls one or multiple luminaires
  • Presence Replicates a presence sensor
  • Presence/Absence Replicates a presence/absence sensor
  • Absence Replicates an absence sensor
  • Resume automation (group) Resumes automation for a single group
  • Resume automation Resumes automation for the whole network

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