If you have created different scenes with the Casambi app you can cycle through them and Off with one power switch. Select the scenes you would like to cycle through and flick the power switch off and on to cycle through the selected scenes and Off. It is possible to disable the Off step by disabling the option Include OFF in the cycle.

In the Luminaires tab, open the properties of the luminaire that will be used for Smart Switching. Select the Cycle scenes option from Smart switch and tap on the desired scene or scenes to select them. It is also possible to change the order of the scenes by dragging and dropping the scenes around in the list by using the three parallel horizontal lines on the right of the screen next to the scene name. Confirm changes with Done.

Scenes will then be activated in the listed order (top to bottom).

Example: Selected scenes are Movie and Dinner. Include OFF in the cycle is active:

  1. Flick off/on: Movie scene activates
  2. Flick off/on: Movie scene deactivates, and Dinner scene activates
  3. Flick off/on: Dinner scene deactivates, and lights fade Off
  4. Flick off/on: Movie scene activates again
  5. …..