The EnOcean battery-less, energy harvesting, Bluetooth Low Energy switch modules can be paired to a Casambi network. The supported type is PTM-215B. 

EnOcean switches can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, all luminaires in a network, elements, scenes and animations.

Please note that EnOean switches of version 4 or above can be used with BALANCED radio mode Casambi networks. EnOcean switches of version 7 and above can be used with both BALANCED and BETTER PERFORMANCE radio mode Casambi networks. And if you intend to use the same EnOcean switch with multiple networks, then both networks must use the same frequencies. These requirements are the same for both Classic and Evolution networks.

The switch version can be seen from the serial number on the back of the device. An example of a version 7 switch would be:

Model:PTM 215B

S3221-A215-7 DD 

1. Go to More -> Switches in Casambi app with an Android device
2. Tap on "Add a Dolphin switch"
3. Touch the switch with the back side of your mobile device.

4. When the NFC reader of your mobile device detects the Dolphin switch you will hear a noise and a switch list page is opened with the added Dolphin switch.

5. When you tap on the switch a configuration page for it is opened. Here you can configure the functionality of your switch, change the name and the faceplate. Please make sure you have the correct faceplate before you start configuring.

6. By clicking on the faceplate picture (as a default the Casambi app will show the 4 button faceplate) you will be directed to a list of all possible faceplate options. Choose the one to match your Dolphin switch.

7. Select the function for the buttons of your switch by tapping on the PRESET fields.

Removing an EnOcean switch from a network

To remove an EnOcean switch from a Casambi network, simply delete the EnOcean switch within the Switches list.