It is possible to change the firmware grade of a Casambi unit from 'Evolution' to 'Classic'. This might be necessary if a new unit configured with Evolution firmware needs to be added to an existing Classic network.

Please note that the unit(s) needs to be unpaired in order to change the firmware grade.

A firmware grade change can be done from the "Nearby devices" tab in the Casambi App by following the steps below:

1. Tap on the unit you wish to change.

2. Select 'Change to Classic firmware'.

3. Tap on 'Start update' to begin uploading the selected firmware grade.

4. This will then open a new page with the text "Transferring Classic" and a progress bar below it. Please do not use/touch the screen of the mobile device during the update process. The process can take around 1 minute.

5. After the updating has successfully completed the screen will display "Verifying" and then an "Update succeeded" notification.

6. The device can now be added to a Classic network.