Generally there should be no need to change an existing fully functioning Classic network to an Evolution network. The main reasons for doing so would either be that you wish to expand the Classic network beyond 127 devices, or you wish to take into use some of the new features or functionality only available from Evolution. The update process takes time, and some aspects may need to be repeated or need to be done manually (such as updating Xpress switches). The process will also only work if every device in the Classic network uses the newer nRF52 processor that is capable of accepting Evolution firmware. You also need to physically be on the installation within Bluetooth range in order to perform an update.

The update requires all 'Classic' units first to be upgraded to the 'Evolution' firmware grade, which then allows the 'Evolution' network features to be taken into use in the Casambi app.

NOTE: When upgrading, please ensure that the radio settings for the new Evolution network are the same as was used in the Classic network. i.e. If the Classic network had "Balanced" radio mode, then 'Balanced' should also be the mode in the new Evolution network.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to upgrade a Classic network to Evolution:

1. Navigate to 'Network setup' under the 'More' tab.

2. Scroll and select the option "Upgrade to Evolution firmware".

3. A new "Network upgrade" window will open, where you will have the option to 'Start' or to go 'Back'.

4. Tapping on 'Start' will start the updating process to one device in the network and prompt with "Updating network firmware".

5. If there is more than one unit in the network that needs a firmware grade update to 'Evolution', then a "Waiting for devices 1/x..." notification will be displayed until all units have been upgraded. Note that this may take quite some time depending on how many units are to be updated. It also will not update any battery powered devices that are only active on a temporary basic (e.g. Xpress).

At this point it is still possible to "Cancel the upgrade" or continue using the Casambi App by tapping on 'Back' in the top left corner. The progress of the update to Casambi enabled luminaires can be seen in the 'Luminaires' tab, where the completion percentage is shown on top of the unit icon.

6. After the firmware of all the units in the network has been upgraded to 'Evolution', navigate back to the "Upgrade to Evolution firmware" screen shown in in step 2. The notification "Update ready" means that all the units have been upgraded to 'Evolution' firmware grade, and the network is ready to be updated to an 'Evolution' network.

Tap on the 'Continue' in the top right corner of the screen to continue with the network updating. The Casambi app will open a pop-up warning that once the network is updated to 'Evolution', it can't be rolled back to 'Classic'. (Note: The only way to go from an Evolution network back to Classic network is to individually unpair every device, change each devices firmware back to Classic one-by-one, then create and program a completely new Classic network from the beginning).

If sure, tap on 'OK' to continue.

7. The Casambi app will then unpair all units from the old 'Classic' network, and re-pair the units to the new 'Evolution' network. During this unpairing/repairing process your mobile device needs to have Bluetooth connection to each individual Casambi device, so it may be necessary (particularly on larger sites) to physically move around the installation so that the Casambi app can find and connect to every unit in the Network.

8. After the unpairing/re-pairing process is finished, an "Upgrade complete" message is displayed.

9. The final step of the process is to add any needed information for the new Evolution network. Tap on 'Done' and write the needed information for the new Evolution network. All settings from old network will be automatically copied to the new Evolution network

10. You may also notice that there could be two "identical" networks listed in the 'Change network' screen. One will be the old Classic network and the other will be the new Evolution network. When you are sure the new Evolution network is functioning correctly you can delete the old Classic network.

NOTE: Only devices which display as Classic within the  'Nearby devices' list can be updated to Evolution firmware and be used within an Evolution network. For specific Casambi products which can be updated to 'Evolution' firmware grade here: