The different firmware grades can be easily identified from under "Nearby devices" in the Casambi app.

If the text “Classic” or “Evolution" is displayed next to the firmware version number, then it is possible to change the devices firmware from one grade to the other. If there is no text (just a number), then the device is using the older processor and is a Classic only device. It cannot have its firmware grade changed.

For older "nRF51" units only the firmware version is displayed under the unit on the right side, for example "26.0". These can only use the Classic firmware grade.

For the newer "nRF52" units in addition to the firmware version, there's either 'Classic' or 'Evolution' text displayed next to the firmware version. Only the devices with the newer "nRF52" chip will show the firmware grade/version (Classic/Evolution) in Casambi app.

NOTE: Only devices which display as Classic or Evolution in the "Nearby devices" list can have their firmware changed. Only devices of the same firmware grade can be used in the same type of network (i.e. Classic devices operate on Classic networks; Evolution devices operate on Evolution networks).

For specific Casambi products which can be updated to 'Evolution' firmware grade here: