Select Edit and + then enter a name for the scene and select Add a scene. The scene edit view will open where you can select and adjust the luminaires to be included in the scene.

Select luminaires individually, or use None, Invert or All to remove all luminaires from the scene, change any active luminaires to inactive & visa-versa, or add all network luminaires to the scene. Use + or - to add or remove all individually visible luminaires, but not luminaires within groups 

To add group luminaires to a scene, double tap the group and select the luminaires. Add or remove all group luminaires by tapping + or -. Adjust selected group luminaires using basic gestures anywhere in the group area.

Luminaires can also be added to a scene from a gallery image. Select the Gallery tab, open the appropriate gallery image and select the required luminaire(s).

You can adjust the luminaires separately using the basic gestures, or you can use the Luminaires in scene control icon to adjust all of the luminaires in the scene.

Push Continue (top of screen) or Settings (bottom of the screen) to navigate to the scenes additional properties where you can change the name, image, and colour for the scene. . You can then rename the scene, use the colour palette to define a colour for the scene icon, and choose an icon for the scene. A scene can be hidden from the user view by selecting Hidden. To save the settings and return to the scenes tab, select Done.

Add more scenes using the + at the top of the scenes tab. Copy scenes by pushing and holding an existing scene. A copy is created in edit mode with an additional number added to the original scene name. You can rename this scene from the scene Settings.

Tip: Remember to include luminaires which must remain off in a scene and adjust them to 0 % dimmed level.