Circadian control/rhythm can be enabled for a Scene when Tunable White lighting is in use. This setting is enabled from within the scene's settings by selecting the "Circadian" option or tapping on the "circadian rhythm curve" icon, when editing the scene.

A circadian rhythm allows automatic colour temperature management for basic scenes by using a response graph that displays the hours of the day and colour temperature. When a circadian profile is enabled for a scene it will look up the colour temperature from the response graph when the scene is activated and every minute after that, until the scene is deactivated. Note that it can be used simultaneously with daylight control.

To add a circadian rhythm to a scene, select the circadian graph icon at the bottom of the page. Select Add a new profile or the Default profile and then tap on the response graph below. You can then adjust the response graph to your requirements. The time of day can also be moved to help you select when your circadian rhythm should start and finish.

Select any area on the graph to create a new marker point. Use the rubbish bin icon to delete a highlighted graph marker point.

Use the Switch Form option to change the response graph form from a smooth graph to a stepped graph.

Multiple rhythms can also be created and rhythms from other networks listed on the same device can also be imported. To import a rhythm from another network, simply select the Import option and you will then be presented with a list of circadian rhythms from the other networks on your device.


Select Done when your rhythm is complete.