Circadian scenes

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A circadian rhythm allows automatic colour temperature management for basic scenes by using a response graph that displays the hours of the day and colour temperature. When a circadian scene is active it will set the colour-temperature based on the response graph. It will adjust the colour temperature for as long as the scene is active. Note: If desired, a circadian profile can also be used in the same scene as daylight control.

A circadian profile can be added to a scene that you are editing. To add a circadian rhythm to a scene, select the Settings icon in the bottom right corner and then choose Circadian rhythm. Select Add a new profile and give it a name and push OK or choose an existing profile. Graphs from other networks created on the same mobile device can also be imported. To import a graph from another network, simply select the Import option and you will then be presented with a list of circadian rhythms from the other networks on your device.

Select the desired profile name and tap on the response graph. You can then adjust the points on the response graph to your requirements. The time of day bar can also be moved left or right to help you select when your circadian rhythm should start and finish. When moving the bar, the time and colour temperature will be shown in the top left.

You can add or remove points on the graph. Push and hold on an area on the graph to create a new marker point. Select an existing point to highlight it and then the bin icon in the bottom left to delete the highlighted marker point. 

Use the Switch Form option to change the response graph form from a smooth graph to a stepped graph.

Select Done when your rhythm is complete.


  • Only tunable white luminaires can follow a circadian profile.
  • Multiple circadian rhythms can be created, but only one profile can be used per scene.
  • If you need to have a different circadian graph defined for another scene then you need to create a new graph. If you select and edit a graph that has been used in a previous scene the change will also affect the original scene.
  • Scenes containing a circadian graph will display a small graph in the scene icon image.

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