Evolution Firmware grade (from v30) and the Casambi app support an 'Emergency' action for smart-switching.

It is required that a dedicated Casambi unit is selected for enabling/disabling the emergency scene. Additionally, an emergency enabled device must have its own dedicated power switch (i.e. switching power to an emergency enabled device must not affect the power to other devices).

- The action is configured in the unit's 'Smart Switch' settings.

- Despite being a "smart-switching" action, he Emergency scene will be activated whenever the selected emergency enabled device is powered;  it forces the selected scene to all target devices with the highest priority.

  • When emergency is active, the alert indicator "⚠️" is shown on the top right icon corner of the affected luminaires (please see the screenshots below).
  • While the emergency device is powered, devices in the selected emergency scene cannot be controlled at all.

- The emergency controller device has to be powered off to deactivate the emergency scene from other devices.

  •  When the emergency mode is removed,  the current (pending in the background) highest priority command state of the light control becomes effective (i.e. manually set levels would resume, or any running animation will continue...).