Time-based scenes can be used to alter dimming levels of scenes at specific times. While this can also be achieved by using a timer, a time-based scene has its advantage in that it can be triggered so that a luminaire is not permanently on.

For example:

A time-based scene (Kitchen lwr1 timed) is created to set scene Kitchen lower 1’s dimming level at 40% between 08.00 and 21.00. Between 21.00.and 08.00, the dimming level will be 15% (to not disturb people if the scene is activated during the night.

The scene is not running 24 hours / day. Instead, a sensor triggers scene Kitchen lwr1 timed whenever presence is detected. Depending on when the time-based scene is triggered, it then sets the dimming level of scene Kitchen lower 1 appropriately.

To create a time-based scene, follow the same produce for a basic scene, but then choose:

  • the time and days when it should alter the basic scene •the fade time
  • the basic scene
  • the basic scene’s dimming level

Multiple conditions can be added using the Add a condition option.