There is a new ‘Network History’ feature introduced in the Casambi App version 3.1. The feature includes backups as well as snapshots of the network. Both backups as well as snapshots are stored in the cloud. A backup is a manually saved backup of the network. A snapshot is automatically generated whenever network changes are syncronized. Up to 50 of the most recent versions will be available.

The features can be found at: More > Network Setup > Network History

It is possible to preview and restore earlier versions of the network configuration.

All information of the network is saved, without exceptions. Please notice that when restoring an earlier version of the network current passwords will remain.

When restoring an earlier version of the network all devices are being checked. Some devices might have been added, changed or deleted between the current and the earlier network version.

The Application will inform about the changes in devices and in most cases these can be automatically resolved. However, there is also a potential conflict situation when two devices have been assigned a same identity, and in these cases the backup cannot be restored.