It is possible to add up to 10 different users/passwords to be used with 'Evolution" firmware grade Network.

1. You can start by setting the "Sharing settings" for your network to 'Password protected':

This is done in the Casambi app by navigating to 'More' -> 'Network setup' -> 'Sharing settings'

2. After selecting the sharing mode, you will return to the previous view automatically.

3. Then you can add a new user/password for the network by selecting 'Add a new password'

4. In the next "Manage password" view, you can set up the name, password and access right for the user. 

About access rights:

A 'User' can use the network but not make any changes. A 'Manager' can make changes to all lighting control functionalities but cannot get access to passwords or decide who can access the network. The 'Administrator' can also give access rights to users.

5. Tap on 'Done' in the top right corner to finish managing the password. Tap 'Done' again in the "Sharing settings" view when you've added all the desired users/passwords to the network.