Scenes allow you to create and recall lighting situations. A scene can control any variation of luminaires in the network. Luminaires can be used in multiple scenes.

 Up to 255 scenes can be created. 

Scenes never activate by themselves. They must always have something activate them.

  • Manually: For example, by pushing a Casambi enabled button/switch, or by physically selecting the scene icon in the app.
  • Sensor: For example, configuring a sensor to activate a scene when movement is detected.
  • Timer: For example, setting a timer to switch lights on at a certain time of day.

A scene is active when its icon is highlighted.

Types of scene

There are three types of “scene” that can be created in the Casambi app. Which to use will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

Note: Basic scenes must first be created before animations or time-based scenes can be used correctly.

Scene This is a single lighting scenario (usually containing a number of luminaires adjusted to different dimmed levels and/or colours) that you wish to be able to recall. Basic scenes can also be configured as Circadian scenes (so that tuneable white luminaires will automatically adjust according to a defined profile graph for as long as the scene is active), or a Daylight scene (which adjusts the luminaires in the scene according to the amount of light measured by a lux sensor).

Animation scene Consists of at least one basic scene. When the Animation scene is active, the basic scenes are automatically stepped through one after the other to create a sequence of lighting changes (for example a Red, Green, Blue colour changing sequence, or one scene that is set to dim to different levels).

Time based scene Consists of at least two “conditions” with different scenes or scene dimmed levels for each. Depending on when the Time based scene is activated, the relevant lighting scene condition for that time will be actioned.