Within the Switches section, Casambi-enabled switches can be configured. All Casambi-enabled switches, push buttons or rotary controls that are paired to the network will be shown in the Switches page (even if these are integral to a luminaire). 

To use switches that only switch the mains power on and off with Casambi, see Smart Switching.

Any Casambi enabled switch can be configured to control a variety of options, including ALL luminaires on the network or a personal control for a single luminaire. 

To configure a switch, tap on the desired switch that you wish to configure.

You will be presented with various options depending on the type of Casambi enabled switch (e.g. The amount of push buttons available to configure, or configuration options for a rotary control).

Select the push button or rotary control to configure. Initially, Not in use will be displayed. Select this to open a list of available options. The available options shown will depend on the profile that the Casambi enabled switch has been configured with. Some Casambi enabled switches have more available options than others. Possible options may be:

  • Controls a luminaire
  • Controls an element
  • Controls a group
  • Control scene
  • Controls all luminaires
  • Adjust the temperature of a luminaire
  • Adjust the temperature of a group
  • Adjust the temperature of all luminaire
  • Cycle scenes
  • Active/Standby
  • Presence
  • Presence/Absence
  • Absence
  • Resume automation (group)
  • Resume automation
  • Cycle through modes


Select the desired option and review the list of further options then presented that may also need to be configured (e.g. You may need to select the luminaire, group or scene to be controlled). Various other options may be available depending on the profile configuration of devices available in your network.

If the Control scene or Cycle scenes option is selected, you will also have the option to Disable dimming. Disabling dimming prevents a long button push (or the +/- buttons on the Xpress) from adjusting the preset scene dimmed level.

Note: Elements are single dim channels. If the profile of a unit is for example 4ch/dim,dim,dim,dim, each of the channels can be controlled from four Xpress buttons separately. This could be useful in RGBW applications where Casambi app may not really be convenient to use.

When all settings have been configured push Done and then Done again.

The Use toggle option can be enabled of disabled. If enabled, one push of a switch will activate the set function (e.g. Select a scene). A second push will deactivate it. Disabling the Use toggle function means that pushing a switch will only activate the selected function.

To rename a switch, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Name.

When finished, push Back to return to the main Switches view.

Tip: If you are within Bluetooth range of the switch you wish to program, easily identify it by selecting Switches from the More tab. You will then see a magnifying glass in the top right of the screen. Push the magnifying glass and you will then be prompted to Push a button within 10 second. Push the switch you desire to program and the programming options for that switch will automatically open. You can then configure and rename that specific switch as desired. If you are not within Bluetooth range of any switches the magnifying glass icon will not appear.