This feature is only available if using Evolution firmware version 32.0 (2020-03-27) or later.

A CBU-DCS can be used to act as a gateway between a wired DALI network (controlled by DALI controller hardware and software) and a wireless Casambi network. Before connecting the CBU-DCS, it must first be in an un-paired state and the CBU-DCS DALI Gateway profile must be applied (see the Luminaires section for unpairing and profile changing instructions). The CBU-DCS must be connected to the same powered DALI bus as the DALI controller. Once physically connected, the CBU-DCS can be paired to the existing Casambi network.


Any device which exists in the Casambi network will then appear as standard DALI gear to the wired DALI controller software. Each Casambi device uses one DALI address but the CBU-DCS DALI gateway does not; instead it appears transparent to the DALI controller software. 

Casambi devices which control more than one channel appear as single-channel DALI gear to the DALI controller software, therefore the separate channels cannot be dimmed individually by the DALI controller software, only by the Casambi app.

Casambi devices which use TW, RGB or XY controls are presented to the DALI controller software as DALI or DALI DT8 (Tc/RGB/XY) devices.

If your Casambi network exceeds the DALI limitation of 64 devices, you can simply add multiple CBU-DCS DALI gateways in your existing Casambi network. The DALI controller software will then be able to address all of your Casambi devices. All Casambi luminaires can be addressed by the DALI controller software, regardless of what type of Casambi device they are. i.e. the Casambi device does not need to be a DALI-controllable device.


As with other Casambi devices, the gateway device can be renamed and assigned its own icon.

DALI gateway - Gateway Parameters


Control Scope defines which devices are passed though the DALI gateway to the DALI control software. The default option is All luminaries. However, this can also be restricted to a single scene, in which you can define the devices which you wish to be seen by the DALI controller software.


Control priority defines the level at which the gateway will prioritise commands sent by the DALI control software:


  • Higher than manual Prevents the Casambi system (apps, sensors, switches, timers) from controlling Casambi devices. Casambi devices can only be controlled by the DALI controller software.
  • Manual Is the default setting. It allows control of Casambi devices by both the DALI controller software and the Casambi app.
  • Higher than automation Allows the DALI controller software to control lights which are under automation by presence/absence sensors or timers, but not those manually controlled by the Casambi app.
  • Lowest-priority automation Allows the DALI controller software to control lights which are not currently automated by presence/absence sensors or timers. Any luminaire control from the Casambi app (manual, timers or sensor automation) will take over the externally set dimming levels.


The resume automation button (@) must be used to allow the Casambi app to regain full control if the Higher than automation or Lowest-priority automation options are used.


Export sensors Allows Casambi enabled sensors to be available as DALI-2 sensors in the DALI network.


Export switches Allows Casambi enabled switches to be available as DALI-2 push buttons in the DALI network.