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Modified on Fri, 05 Jan 2024 at 09:16 AM

The Control options page allows you to define the basic and automation controls (Control Hierarchy) of a Casambi network.

Fade time options allow you to alter the Fade time for powering up a Casambi luminaire (i.e. When switching the mains supply on), Fade time for toggling ON or OFF (i.e. Using the Casambi app, Xpress switch or Casambi Enabled switch) and the Fade time for switch dimming (i.e. when dimming using the Xpress + or – buttons or a Casambi enabled switch).

Remember last state Activating this option will allow luminaires that have been manually dimmed from the app luminaires tab or by a Casambi enabled switch, to return to that dimmed level when toggled on from the app luminaires tab or a Casambi-enabled switch. A scene activated manually from the Scenes tab will always recall the original scene dimmed level and not the manually adjusted dimmed level.

  • Remember last state is not the same as a luminaire’s STARTUP STATE FOR POWER ON, which is the startup condition when a luminaire is powered on.

Activate timers on startup When a luminaire is powered on and has received the network time, any timers associated with it will then activate.

Use control hierarchy For a detailed explanation of the Control hierarchy, its priorities and its use with sensors and timers, please select the More information option, which can be found directly below the User control hierarchy option. The same information can be found in the Appendix of this guide.

When the Control hierarchy is activated, a number of options will then become available and a @ button will appear in the lower left of the Luminaires tab screen to allow the end-user to manually resume network automation if needed. 

The Control hierarchy options are:

Manual control behaviour This option selects how luminaires should react to manual control and if/when network automation should resume.

  • Always timeout will always cause manual control of a luminaire to expire (based on the timeout period).
  • Timeout if automation waiting will cause manual control of a luminaire to expire only if it is being controlled by the control hierarchy. For example, a presence sensor or a timer.
  • Don’t timeout will prevent any network automation from affecting any manually controlled luminaires.

Manual control fade out This option sets the time within which a luminaire will fade once manual control has expired.

Manual control timeout The timeout value is the length of time a luminaire can remain under manually control before network automation resumes.

A separate timeout value can be set for each individual weekday, its evening and night. The default values are 2 hours in the day and 30 minutes in the evening, but these can be changed to suit your installation.

The Use these settings for the whole week option allows you to set the same day and night values for the entire week, rather than have to manually edit the values for each weekday.

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