This section is only visible in the app for an Evolution network.

  • Min sensor reporting time Reduces network data traffic. Increase the time to improve network performance if sensors are not required to be continuously sending information.


  • Allow unpair Allows devices to be unpaired from a network using the Unpair device option within a device’s own settings.


  • Allow flick unpair Allows devices to be unpaired by using the power cycling process (usually by flicking a wall switch off and on) to unpair a device. This process is used when you need to unpair a device belonging to a network to which you do not have access.


  • Radio Transmission Power Allows the radio transmission power to be boosted to the maximum capable for the device. Generally, there should be no need to change this from the default setting.


  • Allow firmware updates Allows or prevents firmware updates, even if a new firmware version is available. Disabling this will also prevent pop-ups being shown when a new firmware update is available. If disabled, the responsibility of checking for firmware updates lies with the system admin/user.


  • Devices always visible Hides or displays devices within the Nearby Devices list. When the option is disabled, it is possible to choose an initial amount of time for which the devices will remain visible when power is applied. The minimum amount of time is one minute. After this time the devices will disappear from the list. This visibility delay time is to enable the possibility to still unpair devices from the Nearby Devices list if needed.