It is possible to simultaneously configure certain settings for all luminaires in a network. This feature is useful if you want to configure settings for all, or the majority of luminaires in the network.

Select the Configure all luminaires option under Network Setup. 

There are five settings that can be configured for all luminaires:

  • Disable smart switch Disables the smart switch option for all luminaires.
  • Startup -> last state Sets the startup state to last state on all luminaires.
  • Startup -> default mode Sets the startup state to default mode on all luminaires.
  • Save current state Sets the current state as the default mode for all luminaires.
  • Restart network Can be used to restart the control hierarchy and mesh network. This can be useful if you wish to restart devices in order to test the most recent program setting (i.e. test if a recently programmed sensor triggers correctly) or if you delete a timer than may have already been running before it was deleted.

If you subsequently want to change any individual luminaire back to its original setting then this can be done by accessing the properties of each individual luminaire in the Luminaires tab and changing the parameter.

Note: The commands are sent to the luminaires immediately when the option is selected. Be particularly careful not to select Disable smart switch unless you are sure you want the command applied to the majority of luminaires as there is not an option to reenable smart switching for all luminaires simultaneously (it must be done individually by opening and changing each of the luminaires properties in the luminaires tab).