Upgrading an existing network from Classic to Evolution is quite a time-consuming process, has many steps, and may also require various manual steps in addition to the steps carried out by the Casambi app (for example, Battery operated devices have to be updated individually). 

It is advised only to update an existing fully functioning Classic network to Evolution if:

  1. You already have 127 devices in your Classic network, and you wish to add more.
  2. You really must use a feature or function only offered with Evolution.

Before updating to an Evolution network, please ensure:

  1. All devices in your Classic network are Evolution compatible. You can check this by viewing your Nearby Devices list. The devices in your network must all display a small ‘Classic’ text close to the firmware version and network name. If you cannot see the Classic text, then your device is not compatible with Evolution networks.
  2. Check and note the Classic networks radio mode setting (Balanced/Better Performance).
  3. You have Bluetooth connection to the network.

To start the upgrade process, select the Upgrade to Evolution firmware option.

A new Network upgrade window will open, where you will have the option to Start or to go Back. Select the Start option to continue at which point your network’s devices will be checked for Evolution compatibility. (You will be prompted with names of any devices which are not compatible, which you would have to then physically replace with new Evolution-compatible devices if you wished to continue).

If all of the devices are compatible, the firmware of each device will then be updated. This process may take some time if you have many devices in your network and you may see a Waiting for devices 1/x message.

At this point it is still possible to select Cancel the upgrade or Back (in the top left corner). One can also see the update progress (1 - 100%) of the Casambi devices in the Luminaires tab. Navigate back to Upgrade to Evolution firmware to continue with the upgrade.

Once all devices have been upgraded, an Update ready message is displayed. At this point you still have the option to Cancel the upgrade

If you wish to continue, select Continue (in the top right corner) to check and configure the new network’s details and select Done once complete. Note that the same radio mode settings (Balanced/Better Performance) as was used with the Classic network must be used for your new Evolution network.

Again, select Continue to continue with the network upgrade. The Casambi app will prompt you with a warning that after this step you cannot roll back to Classic. An Evolution network cannot be rolled back to a classic network. If you need to do this there is no option but to individually unpair each device, individually change teach devices firmware back to Classic, and create and program a new Classic network from the start.

From this prompt you must select OK in order to continue.

The upgrade process will now unpair all devices from the Classic network and pair the devices to the new Evolution network.

If your network contains a large number of devices, it is advised to physically move around at the installation area in order to help the Casambi app find all of the devices in in the network.

The upgrade process ends when Upgrade complete is displayed and you can close the upgrade process by selecting Done.

If you had any battery powered devices in the Classic network then these will be shown as offline in the new Evolution network. You should manually upgrade these and add them to the new network using the Replace device option.

The entry for the old Classic network will still appear in the Change network screen. It will also still show that it has devices in the network. Once you have confirmed that the new Evolution network functions correctly you can delete the old Classic network.