The Nearby devices page displays a list of all Casambi-enabled devices that are nearby.

In the list you can see the device’s icon image, name, vendor, network type, firmware version, signal strength and pairing state or network name. The network name always starts with the @ symbol. If you have access to the network the device is paired to, the network name will be displayed. Otherwise, Paired or Unpaired will be displayed.

The list is initially sorted so that unpaired devices appear first at the top of the list (if they are within range of the mobile device). The remaining devices are then displayed in order of the network names. 

The list can be sorted in two ways, alphabetically by network name, or by signal strength. The icon in the top right corner of the screen will change to show the options that can be selected.  Pushing Aa (if displayed) will organise the list alphabetically by network name. Alternatively, selecting the antenna icon (if displayed in the top right corner) will then display all devices based on their signal strength: strongest at the top, weakest at the bottom, regardless of whether the devices are paired or not. Note that the signal strength does not necessarily indicate the proximity of devices since a devices’ signal strength can be affected depending on the material surrounding it, or by the material/obstructions close to the device. For example, A luminaire with a metal housing may have a weaker signal strength compared to an identical design made of plastic.

Devices suitable for use in Long range networks can be identified via their signal strength icon. Long range compatible devices are indicated by 6 square icons rather than 5 round ones.

When you select a device from the list, you can see the options that are available for it, such as: Add to a network, Unpair, Identify device, Change profile, Update firmware or Update to Classic/Evolution firmware etc. Different options may be available for different types of devices or depending on if they are part of a network to which you have, or do not have, access. The displayed list will only show the options available for you.

In the Nearby devices screen you can also check if there are any updates available for your Casambi-enabled devices. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the Check for updates option. The Casambi app will connect to the cloud service (as long as you have internet access) and look for updates. If there is an update available you will then see an arrow above the icon of devices that can be updated. Depending on your app settings, this update arrow may appear automatically when an update is available.

The latest firmware version can be seen at the bottom of page by selecting Latest firmware version. This will also display basic release notes for each software version.

Error texts

In the Nearby devices view you may see the network name displayed in Red or Purple text under certain error situations

Red text

Meaning: A units configuration indicates that it is in a network, but the device isn’t actually recognised in the network configuration.

Fix: Unpair & re-pair to the network.

Purple text

Meaning: Duplicate unit ID. This may be caused if multiple persons are trying to pair devices to the same network simultaneously.

Fix: Unpair all devices showing purple text & re-pair to the network.