You can see the networks stored on your mobile device from the Change network page. The Change network page can be accessed by selecting More > Change Network, or from the start page by selecting My Networks. In the list, all networks that have nearby devices powered-on, i.e. online networks, will be displayed with a black icon next to the network name. All offline, or out of range networks display a greyed-out icon. Choose a network by selecting the network name. 

From this screen it is also possible to Create a network and Log in to network with an administrator email and password. You can also access a Demo network for demonstration purposes if needed.

If the network you wish to access is not shown, select Log in to network and enter the administrator email and password. You can access a network with the administrator email and password even if you are not in the range of the luminaires in that network. If not in range of the network you will only be able to control the devices in the network if it has an active gateway.

There are three options to remove a network from your network list:

  1. You can ‘forget’ a network from the list. This option will not delete the network from the cloud server. To forget a network, swipe to the left (in iOS) or tap and hold (in Android) on top of the network name and the Forget Network option will appear.
  2. Reset application Go to More > App settings and scroll to the bottom of the options list to find the Reset application option. Note: Reset application will reset all app settings and data, and also remove the list of any networks that you have visited from the device. Use this option with caution.
  3. You can totally delete the network. This option will delete the network from both your Casambi app and the cloud server, which then stops any devices from being able to use the network. To delete a network from the list, swipe to the left (in iOS) or tap and hold (in Android) on top of the network name and the Delete option will appear. Do not select this option if you or someone else needs to access the network later!

Tip: To use a network as a user after previously accessing a network as an administrator, use the forget the option and then log back into the network using user access.