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Modified on Mon, 26 Jun 2023 at 11:47 AM

To create a new network, select Create new network. You are then prompted to create an Evolution network. If you need to create a Classic network, select More information and scroll to the bottom to find the option for creating a Classic network.

After selecting the network type, the New Network page is displayed. In the New network view, you can assign a network name, time zone, and location, and select sharing settings, network mode and network frequencies. 

The Time Zone is based on the time zone of the mobile device that you are using to create the network. If you wish to set an alternative time zone then you must change the setting of your mobile device to the correct time zone.

Location must be set for sunset and sunrise times to work correctly.

You can share your network if needed. Sharing a network can also be done at a later stage (see the Sharing settings section of this guide). If you would like other devices to be able to access this network, select Sharing and then one of the following options: Administrator only, Password protected or. Open. For administrator access and password recovery, add a valid Administrator email and a password.

Administrator only The network is hidden from the network list unless the end-user has access.

Password protected Allows user and administrator access.

Open Allows anyone with the Casambi app to control the network, but they cannot make configuration changes.

Note that Evolution networks offer three levels of user access: User, Manager and Administrator. Managers can configure the network but not create new user accounts. Only an administrator account can create new accounts.

The network Radio settings has four Mode options. These determine the communication speed and potential communication range for devices in the network. 


  • Better performance (2 Mbit/s): Optimised for larger indoor networks with increased data traffic. Reduced communication range compared to Balanced network mode. This is the default Mode for a Classic or Evolution network.

  • Balanced (1 Mbit/s): Optimised for small to mid-size indoor networks (recommended 125 nodes max.) with moderate data traffic.

  • Long Range (0.5 Mbit/s) BETA: Optimised for small to mid-size outdoor networks (recommended 60 nodes max.) with low data traffic. Increased communication range compared to Balanced network mode. Compatible devices only. This mode is suitable ONLY for Casambi devices using our latest CBM-003 that has Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range capabilities.


Long range modes are only available for Evolution networks. The options will not be displayed if creating a Classic network.


Devices suitable for use in Long range networks can be identified in the Nearby devices view. The signal strength indication for Long range compatible devices is indicated by 6 square icons rather than 5 round ones.


The Casambi app will prompt if you try to create a Long range mode network but do not have compatible devices suitable for the network.



Two communication Frequencies are automatically set when creating the network, but you can manually change these to other frequencies (if you know that there are specific frequencies that you want to avoid, for example, at the request of a customer’s IT department).

Casambi does not interfere with standard Bluetooth frequencies. The frequencies below are close to equivalent Bluetooth channels and are not selectable from app version 3.9.0.


  • 2403 (channel 1)
  • 2425 (channel 12)
  • 2427 (channel 13)
  • 2479 (channel 39)

 Note that changing the network mode or frequencies is not possible after the network has been created!

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